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Our $59.95 gift to you! BOGO Free Avocado Body Moisturiser 🥑🥑
Our $59.95 gift to you! BOGO Free Avocado Body Moisturiser 🥑🥑

Our Promise



  • Ethical production, business practices and transparency in our supply chain.
  • Solar energy in our warehouse where stock is stored at an optimum temperature.
  • Tubes which are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in any Australian Government Council recycling bin. Our tubes are produced using green energy, and contain recycled polyethylene (PE) sourced from Australia.
  • Cardboard boxes made from recycled paper stock.
  • Labelling made from recycled stock substrates, and external shipping bags made from plant based compostable materials. Architecturally designed vessels made from up-cycled glass which are refillable, reusable and can be repurposed.



We are proud of our choices and actions in bringing you Tropicology. Tropicology is proudly certified COSMOS Organic and Australian owned and manufactured. We are consciously evolving our business practices and working through ways to reduce our environmental impact by ensuring our processes are aligned with this ethos.

Care has been taken to reduce our environmental footprint when selecting our packaging.

We support bio-sustainable and organic farming practices that have the least amount of impact on the environment, and produce packaging that encourages reuse and repurposing where possible.